Road Runners MC History

The beginning of Road Runners MC Poland dates since late 70-ties. In 1978 a group of motorcycle „maniacs” from Zagłębie Basin and Silesia (Southern Poland) established a motorcycle club under the name of „VC 1978”, an abbreviation taken from „Veteran Club 1978”. Initially as the  place of meetings it’s members have chosen the parking lot of the “Gościniec Śląski” Inn located some 40 km South of Sosnowiec. Later on meetings were held at the parking lot of “Katowice” ironworks factory in Dąbrowa Górnicza. Over the next several years a substantial number of VC 1978 members have ceased their active presence in Club’s life.  Several other people under the leadership of a man who soon became the legend of polish biker’s community, Mirek „Miro” Stefańczyk, have decided to leave the VC 1978 club, establishing a new motorcycle club strictly following the internationally respected MC code.  In the beginning of 80-ties the VC 1978 has practically disappeared but the group of bikers led by „Miro” evolved into the first in Poland true MC club – the Road Runners MC Poland, taking the name from a recognized at that time in Poland bike tyres brand. Nowadays, conventionally, the year of 1978 is recognized as the date of Road Runners MC Poland beginning. It has to be added that in 2008, that is when Road Runners MC has celebrated it’s 30th Anniversary, the VC 1978 club was reactivated.

The initial colors of Road Runners MC were slightly different than today, however, since the very beginning they included the sign of the „winged wheel”. The colors have reached it’s final, nowadays image in the breakthrough of 20th and 21st Centuries.

Initially the Road Runners MC was limited in territory to regions of Zagłębie Basin and Upper Silesia. Over the years the Club has expanded to a countrywide range, establishing Chapters in voivodships of  Zachodniopomorskie, Świetokrzyskie, Dolnośląskie, Mazowieckie, Podlaskie, Kujawsko-Pomorskie, Wielkopolskie i Małopolskie. As of 2005 Road Runners MC started to expand it’s range outside Poland, establishing it’s first overseas Chapter in the USA: the „Dirty Dozen” -  Chapter Chicago Road Runners MC United States, consisting of bikers of polish origin in the State of Illinois. In 2009, by promoting the austrian RR Support Group, the Prospect Chapter Vienna, Road Runners MC Austria was established and later on adsorbed into Road Runners MC Nomads.

During over 30 years of our existence we experienced both, good and bad times. New Chapters have been established, existing Chapters have been shut down. New members have been accepted, experienced old members left to continue riding the bikes down the Heaven’s roads. We admit, there were also people who left the Club as renegades and Bad Standers.

With no doubt, the worst for the Club was the year of 2005. Shortly after Easter, suffering from an exhausting illness, the 30-year old Sgt. at Arms to the Pentagon (the Mother Chapter), Mariusz aka „Dugi” unexpectedly passe away. The most painful loss was experienced in the Fall, when death took away from us our charismatic founder, President and „guru”, Miro, at his age of only 52.

The year of 2006 brought important changes in Club’s life. The Warszawa Chapter was shut down with  dishonor. At nearly the same time a new Chapter has been established – the Nomads, grouping the members who were forced by various reasons to leave their Chapters and move to other cities or even countries.

Mostly in the same time the existing for over two years,  consisting in 90% of newcomers and led by one of the experienced members „Warsaw Town Crew RR”, untill that time being a part of the Nomads Chapter, has been promoted to the status of Prospect Chapter Warszawa RR MC (since 2010 full Chapter). In the beginning of 2009’s Summer another sort of „historical event” took place – Road Runners have organized the first in history 3 day Bike Run/Party in the region of Mazovia.

Road Runners MC Poland is one of the founders of the countrywide platform of cooperation between polish motorcycle clubs, known as the Congress of Polish Motorcycle Clubs, grouping today over 100 motorcycle clubs of MC, FG (”Free Group” – the polish equivalent of RC – „Riding Club”) and other statuses.

Nowadays the Road Runners MC is recognized as one of the largest and strongest motorcycle clubs in Poland. It has to be also mentioned that untill just a few years ago the Club was the only MC of purely polish origin and roots and that it belongs to the internationally exclusive group of „1%er” motorcycle clubs. Absolute respect for values as brotherhood, honor, internal solidarity and respect for colors enabled the Road Runners MC to maintain it’s leading position in the biker’s world and consciously survive troubles, obstacles  and bad times for over 30 years.